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Are you ready?

0Are you ready? Are you ready to step forward?

Before the world was discovered to be round, the world was thought to be flat. The prevailing belief at that time was that If you sailed far enough, you would fall off the face of the earth. Evidence to the contrary delivered by those had returned after having sailed out of sight, changed and expanded the perceptions of what the world was. Someone had to have the vision and the courage it would take to test the truth or the fiction of the teachings of the day. That person brought courage and commitment to a new belief. That person not only changed the course that ships took when they set sail but also changed the course of history. One of those persons had to have been Christopher Columbus.

Moving forward over a few centuries Albert Einstein might be considered the giant change agent on the subject of Physics. Before Einstein arrived on the scene, Physics was largely treated as a science that was grounded in lab-based research. Experiments and their results ruled the subject and its teachings. Newtonian physics was at the heart of studies. Einstein arrived on the scene with questions, questions and more questions. He then sought ways to answer his questions…the answers to which did not always come from experimentation in laboratories. It was Einstein’s novel curiosities that changed the study of Physics forever. He eventually received a Nobel Prize.

Do you have to be brave and courageous to take on change? Is change necessary? Do you encounter spaces and places where change could and would make a difference? Do you consider yourself to be ready for change? Do you welcome change? Do you accept change with enthusiasm? Do you consider yourself to be an agent of change?

Are you ready? Are you ready to make changes? Are you ready to influence change?

Have you been holding back? Have you been waiting? For how long? For what?

Whenever I meet people at a networking event, I like to ask them if they are holding on to a dream that has been sitting on a shelf. Holding on to a dream is important but so is taking action to manifest that dream.

Are you ready to tackle your dream? Are you ready to take action?

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