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Tweeting for Twitter Beginners


Tweeting for Beginners empowers the Twitter beginner to unravel the mysteries of Twitter and Tweeting in plain and simple language. The reader will learn about:

  • Questions worth Answering Before you create an Account
  • Is Twitter Right for You?
  • How many Twitter accounts should you have?
  • Does Twitter require you to tweet?
  • What might be the advantage of being on Twitter and not tweeting?

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3 Secrets to Paint Your Own Umbrella with Personal Empowerment

“Paint Your Own Umbrella” speaks to capturing your uniqueness and your individuality and demonstrating it with confidence and, perhaps, even flair. A few shots of gusto and enthusiasm thrown into the mix might help as well.

“Paint Your Own Umbrella” was originally the title for my workshop on personal branding. When you paint your own umbrella, you choose


  • the colours that represent you,
  • the core components of your circle of influence, and
  • the way you choose to manifest your persona “out loud.”

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Every Coach’s Coach


Author Guest Writer


Is there a book in you?

Is there a book in you? Have you ever thought of writing a short story or a children’s book or even a screen play? Have you dreamed of seeing your name as the author of a book?

I have a number of accomplished writers who call on me to help them with their writing. I’ve learned that as a member of the writing community, it’s important for writers to have access to friendly, frank feedback. It’s just part of growing as a writer. In this light, my participation in the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, for example, has significantly contributed to expanding my experience.

Sometimes writers come to me for coaching.  Sometimes fellow writers are seeking ghost writing support. Sometimes writers just want me to read their “stuff,” share a few comments and request feedback. There are many ways in which writers can support other writers.

Is there a book in you? Are you prepared to commit to writing?

Are you prepared to commit to writing 500 or 1000 words a day? Are you prepared to commit to working with a team of editors? No writer is ever truly an island. Even if you spend the next six months writing on your own for eight hours a day, you are likely to emerge seeking feedback on your work.

Whether you have an agent who represents you to publishers, a deadline set by your publisher to finish your next manuscript or a target as a self-publisher to finish a section for your editor, you, undoubtedly, benefit from everyone on your publishing team. A writer without a team will remain a writer and is likely to never become an author.

Is there a book in you? How will you know if you don’t put the question to the test?

Donna Dahl enjoys working with authors. Donna is an energizing and imaginative professional coach with over ten years of experience serving both private citizens and members of the business community. She has written several delightful self-help books in support of personal growth and start-up business development.


Coaching for Clarity


Clearly Clarity Counts

When it comes to self-improvement, clarity counts; vagaries dilute. Google reports about a quarter million searches annually on subjects related to self-improvement and personal development. While this amount is not a mammoth number, it does have significance. Billions of dollars are spent by consumers all around the world every single year on some form of self-improvement approach be it a product, service, book or program.
Let’s assume that every purchase made in the name of improving oneself is connected to a goal. Goals can originate from all manner of areas including education, weight loss, improved fitness, job promotion and increased income. Books are purchased, gym memberships are initiated, exercise equipment is acquired and online classes are started. In short, the goal is identified and the solution arrives at the door or in the inbox.
Goals are a natural part of our daily existence. We set a goal to pay off a mortgage or purchase a new car. Naming goals is easy. What seems to be the difficult thing to do is activating the process to achieve the goal. It isn’t enough to identify the goal. It isn’t enough to say, for instance, the destination is New York City. I could dream all day about going to New York City but unless I assemble my resources, purchase my ticket and get on board some form of transportation, I will remain on my spot. I will not be travelling.
• Lack of clarity gets you stuck.
• Lack of clarity contributes to floundering.
• Lack of clarity permits doubt to deny you access to your success.
• Lack of clarity leaves you sitting on the fence wondering what you should do next.

Clarity counts.
• Gaining access to clarity is a big thing.
• Clarity helps set direction.
• Clarity builds confidence.
• Clarity speeds decision-making.
Clarity is precious.
Clarity attracts commitment. Commitment attracts completion.
Completion deserves celebration.
If you agree that clarity counts, what will it take for you to get clear on your goals? Advice does not always turn into practice. Sometimes it’s hard to take that first step. My Consult for Clarity has been the cornerstone of my Coaching Practice for over a decade. It has helped people get from Stuck to Start™ ready to take action in just 90 minutes. Is self-improvement in your future? Is this the right time for you to develop clarity on your goals? Contact Donna today and arrange for your free coaching interview.

Donna Dahl is an energizing and imaginative professional coach with over ten years of experience serving both private citizens and members of the business community. She has written several delightful self-help books in support of self-improvement, personal growth and start-up business development.

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