Woman of Inspiration Award Winner, Donna Dahl,

Woman of Inspiration Award Winner, Donna Dahl,

Are you thinking about hiring a coach?  

Here is a sampling of answers to questions that were part of a conversation on a social media platform. Portions of that interview are being shared here.

Why Coach?

Being the person at the helm of any business, organization, board of directors or team can be a lonely place. These positions often leave that person with no one to share the worries, concerns or events going on behind the scenes. Some people find themselves starving for recognition of accomplishment because family and friends turn out to be naysayers or dream busters. Innovations get stalled. Courage gets stuck.

Coaching is what energizes everything. Thanks for asking. Coaching engages people to connect with their dreams. Coaching is what can connect people to completing the things on their bucket lists. Coaching serves to help break down limiting barriers and to construct unlimited ladders literally and virtually to the moon and back. I am truly blessed to be working with clients who not only have huge helpings of expertise but who also have big plans to create significant impact in their circle of influence. It’s enormously rewarding to see their successes evolve and mushroom.

Can I ever picture myself not coaching?

Being a coach is who I am. Am I addicted to coaching? I think it’s safe to say  I’m addicted to the success of others. I love my repeat clients who call me letting me know they are ready for their next “Donna Fix” coaching appointment. Coaching is the most fun I could have with my thinking cap on…well, besides writing when there is a party going on in my brain.

Guess how passionate I am about coaching!

What are some of the areas people work on when they work with a coach?

Here’s a list in no particular order: leadership strategy, time management, social media identity, workshop curriculum development, solo-preneur business management, business branding, personal branding, speaking, infomercials, book development, resumes,  business-development, long-term plans and short-term outcomes, interview skills, interviewing skills, employee reviews, how to like myself when I can’t get any traction on my goal, fear of success, fear of failure, personal identification (setting yourself apart from the competition) …to name a few. Who decides what we work on? It’s my client that comes with the question and together we uncover the pieces that will make the difference. You have within you all the wisdom you require. Sometimes it may just need a little encouragement to allow it to be revealed.

Sometimes the hardest part is asking the question.

Sounds Diverse.

My training is diverse from educational psychology to mediation to neurolinguistics to some Advanced MBA training. My experience is diverse from business ownership to organizational leadership at the executive level. In recognition of my work, I was awarded Woman of Inspiration for Lifetime Achievement in 2016. The world of work of my clients stretches from people who are employed in the labour force to those who own the company. They include people with diverse levels of education and people with sufficient vision and imagination to design and develop inventions.

What kinds of clients do you normally with work?

I normally work with CEOs, solo-entrepreneurs, would-be authors, persons undergoing life-changes/transitions and innovators. I have also made room for the unemployed, students, battered men, and single-parent moms. Be you the person who is strong in the world of science, engineering, business acumen, communication, therapy, website building, sales, speaking or cooking up a storm, we all come into this world with a unique set of talents and we all seem to want something more. We also tend to want to get better at what we do best.

And what are you writing?

What am I writing? I write fiction and non-fiction. I write guest blogs and books. When I am writing my own stuff, I write self-empowerment. The best example I can give you is here: “Challengers invite us to take giant steps long before we might ever become giants.” ~Donna Dahl, in Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise http://amzn.to/1kvqgki Check out the link and the reviews that people have left on Amazon as to what the book has done for them. I invite you to read the book and add your review.

What are your goals?

Goals? Sure! Lots. Briefly: Write more. Read more. Continue to serve my fellow man and my community.

How do you find your clients?

Great Question.  My clients arrive by carrier pigeon and drone. Just kidding. Referrals, LinkedIn, reputation and repeat business are my primary sources. I seem to attract those individuals that have been keeping their dream of a lifetime on hold and fearing they will never have the opportunity to chase the dream never mind manifest it. I still do a little networking but I prefer to focus my networking efforts through my volunteer work with not-for-profits and with boards of directors.

Thank you for the compliment on my writing. My friends call me a wordsmith. They also call me the coach’s coach. I am humbly honoured. BTW, my book takes but a few hours to read through to the end the first time but as you can see by the reviews, this is not a book one reads only once.

Even I go back and re-read what I wrote in this book several times a year. A friend of mine lost her book and had to come by to purchase another. Another friend keeps this book on her coffee table so she can read a random page when the commercial comes on TV.  Another person in transition said that it was just the thing to help her work through her transition.  This book deserves to be a best seller and I appreciate any assistance that could help to make that happen.


Donna Dahl is a popular self-empowerment coach. As an author, she has written four books and has been published in The Change Book Series. She volunteers hundreds of hours in the service of her community annually and she has performed significant work in the service of not-for-profit organizations with her workshops.