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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Back to basics business book sheds new light on what influences entrepreneurial leadership

Leadership and Entrepreneurship go and in hand. As a Leader, you stand out from the crowd. As an Entrepreneur, you also seek to stand out. In the eyes of your consumers, you want to be at the forefront of your industry. Ideally, you want to be the first one and only one who offers what you offer.

You may seek to be the best or to sell more than your competitors if you have competition.

Perhaps volume is not your primary aim. Maybe it’s your first-rate quality that sets you apart.

Neither Leadership nor Entrepreneurship comes with guarantees for overnight success. Deliberate planning combined with deliberate actions set the stage.

Meet Albert. Join him in 1899 as he begins his journey into becoming an early 20th Century Entrepreneur.

Discover historical antecedents to the entrepreneurial Canadian spirit.

Empowering the Leader Within You: The 7 Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur shares Albert’s experience as he develops his western prairie homestead and contrasts this with 21st Century.

Empowering the Leader Within You: The 7 Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur is no ordinary business book. While its focus is back to the basics of building a business, Albert’s story intertwined with modern-day business practices sheds new light on ways in which our current practice has been influenced by our past.


“The more things change, the more they stay the same. The drive to create a better life is what unites us all. What’s real never changes.”
~Marilyn Moldowan, Associate Broker | Remax

“Empowering the Leader Within You: The 7 Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur” delineates the essential steps toward successful leadership and human interaction in a clear and entertaining way. Readers will enjoy and appreciate reading how Albert, a Russian immigrant from the Canadian West, and other successful real-life people have implemented the 7 essentials in their own lives.

~Michael D. Hais, Co-author of Millenial Makeover: My Space, YouTube and the Future of American Politics, Retired Vice-President Entertainment Research, Frank N. Magid Associates