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Is There a Book Shepherd in Your Future?

I was recently named Book Shepherd of the year by one of my clients. What Does a Book Shepherd do? A Book Shepherd is a special kind of coach who works with you as you develop your book from start to finish. Just as every book has a beginning, middle and end, every book development project has a beginning, middle and end.

And, of course, every book has a uniqueness about it. Every author comes with a different range of experiences and skill sets. Some authors require more support than others to complete their preparations for going to press. Book Shepherd Services involve working with you as you create your book and give it birth. Some Book Shepherds include everything you would ever want or need when it comes to publishing your book:

Manuscript development

Front and back matter elements

Writing according to your strengths

Editing for a variety of purposes

cover and interior design






book signings

marketing tips, ideas and support

distribution possibilities

When you work with me, you choose the individual items. The idea is to guide you to the best of my ability in the most time-and cost-effective manner possible with respect to getting your book done. I particularly enjoy the pieces that are part of the book development process. And because I am not an expert at all the things that go into making a book, I’ll gladly tell you where my skill boundaries are, and I will be happy to connect you to resources that will guide you through the next phases of the self-publishing process.

Are you a writer? How much are you able to commit to paper each and every day? Perhaps you have encountered one of those promises for you to write your book in 90 days. I have come across some that say they can guide you through getting your book done in the space of a weekend. Maybe you are one of those writers who can complete the manuscript for your book in 90 hours. My first book took me a year and a half to self-publish.

I don’t make any promises about the amount of time it will take for you to manifest a book never mind completing just the manuscript. It could take six months. It could take two years and six months. It could take five years depending on the type of book you are writing and the amount of time you are able to commit to the project. It could take several months alone for your editor to get back to you. It’s a journey. It’s a journey with a series of moving parts and it’s not a book in print—paper or ePub or both—until all the parts are done and you are ready to go forward.

Whether you are nearly finished your first draft or you are seriously thinking about writing a book but don’t know where to start, a Book Shepherd may be a good fit for you. If hiring a Book Shepherd is in your future, I invite you to explore your options with me. What I can promise you is personalized one-on-one attention. Whether you choose just one item from the list above or you prefer a start-to-finish approach, I would be honoured if you chose me to be a member of your team. I can be reached here.


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