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Meet Donna

Donna Dahl is a coach, an author and an inspirational speaker. If you asked Donna what motivates her to do what she does, she would say it is the magic that comes with seeing you get engaged and taking action toward manifesting your dream.

How Others See Donna Dahl as a Coach

Donna is an imaginative energizer with seemingly unlimited battery power. Having ​Donna Dahl as coach is a positive step toward making changes happen. Sessions with Donna give you opportunity to spend time with your personal catalyst for success. 

Coaching is all about working with a professional who believes in you and encourages you. Coaching is about getting valuable feedback and about seeing things from different perspectives. Coaching is about setting your sights on new horizons. Working with Donna Dahl as coach is all of these and more. Check out the testimonials circulating around this website.

Many successful athletes, politicians, performers and corporate executives today have at least one coach. Some have more than one. Being successful in a competitive environment means seeking benefit from situations that build advantages favourable to you. Donna is keen to work closely with clients who want to gain benefit through collaborative coaching and who are excited about achieving their best.

When it comes to coaching, Donna Dahl is passionate about working with others to support their journey to success…in any field. But it’s not easy to find someone who comes packed with the kind of energy that Donna brings to the table. She personifies energy and she is prepared to employ her energy with you. Who knows? Some of it might even rub off on you.

Okay. Maybe you have heard all that before from many different people who are applying for the position of being your coach. Did you believe it? It sounds a little unreal, doesn’t it? It’s okay. Donna is just being enthusiastic about applying to be your coach.

How Donna Dahl sees herself as Your Coach

Donna says, “It’s important to set yourself up for success. Anybody can hold you accountable for doing what you said you were going to the last time you were on the call. Not just anybody can make suggestions as to where you might direct your research or where you might seek additional resources to expand your influence, your skill set or your enterprise.

Donna Dahl as a coach will hold you accountable if that’s what you need me to do. But you’re not in grade school anymore and I really don’t believe you are looking for a homework monitor.  If you are looking for someone who has the confidence in you to develop your very own personal significance, Donna is your person.

Coaching is about hearing your ideas out loud—maybe for the very first time. Coaching is about getting inspired and feeling motivated. Coaching with Donna Dahl is about going after your dreams…with gusto!

Is coaching right for you? Donna has had several coaches over the years. Some she raves about to this day. She will boldly tell you that she was anything but comfortable the first time she worked with a coach. She did not know what to expect. What was a coach going to do for her? The answer is easy.  She wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for a dream team of supporters, mentors, peers and coaches.

If you want a coach that stretches you and challenges you, Donna could be your best choice. Donna’s husband says that choosing Donna Dahl as coach is sure to make you think and sure to have you doing follow-up work between sessions.

Three Interesting Things About Donna Dahl

Donna used to play duplicate bridge.
She once traveled around the province of New Brunswick in a school bus.
Donna has her Grade Eight Piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Donna’s Accomplishments:

Author of four self-improvement books.
Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Awarded 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award in Business
Lifetime Member of CEOSpace
Farrow Memory Speaker
Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology specializing in working one on one with clients
Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistics (NLP)

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