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International Empowerment Speaker and Trainer

Donna Dahl, International Empowerment Speaker and Trainer

full length donnaAuthor, Personal Empowerment Coach, Self-Publisher, Speaker, Twitter-garten Classes for Twitter Virgins, Woman of Inspiration
Country: Canada
Education: Master’s in Educational Psychology, Mediation Training, NLP Master Practitioner
Phone: 587.332.9972

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Donna Dahl is a speaker/trainer whose presentations, both enlightening and inspirational, have taken her through various parts of North America including Mexico.

Donna is the author of four books focused on self-empowerment. In sharing her insights, she draws on her rich and extensive life experience through a diverse variety of positions: personal coach, psychologist, trainer and mediator, consultant, member of employee assistance program team, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and lifelong advocate for personal empowerment.

Fees for Donna’s seminars and workshops are available upon request. 

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In addition, she is rapidly gaining recognition internationally for her unique approach to personal coaching and her popular hands-on workshops for Twitter Beginners. Her coaching has attracted international attention as a co-author in the fourth book of The Change Book Series. Also, she is delighted to work with authors through a special workshop she has developed for writer’s conferences and writing groups. The workshop involves participating in social media and other self-promotion activities. The emphasis in this workshop is on Twitter and it goes well with publishing in the digital eBook revolution.

Donna, whose experience includes newspaper reporting, self-publishing, off- and on-line journalism, ghost writing, and coaching entrepreneurs, is a trained Farrow Memory Speaker and an advocate for what she calls neuro-exercise. She has been honoured with significant recognition for her work in support of small independent business and she is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. She and her husband, Ron, enjoy travelling, sharing stories about their adventures and taking life in big bites. They once did around the world in 52 days.

Donna is presently available to present to present online at writer’s conferences, writer’s organizations, corporate meetings and personnel empowerment programs, professional associations, civic and charitable organizations, university student assemblies and libraries.

She is comfortable with creating a tailor-made workshop designed to support your objectives


Paint Your Own Umbrella
Capture the Unique Essence of You and Capitalize on Your Potentual Through Discovery Awareness IntentionThis presentation targets those who are interested in taking command of their own personal brand or who are reinventing themselves…from the inside out and from the outside in. Said another way, it’s about image and it’s about feelings. Paint your own umbrella is about identifying ourselves. It’s about staying vital and it’s about more than getting a face lift or buying a new jar of wrinkle remover. Participants work through a journey that includes uncovering any limitations which may be present, discovering resources upon which to build and developing a stage from which to launch into the future. This presentation may be compressed into 90 minutes or expanded into a full 6-hour day.

Be The Change You Want To Be – Everybody has a Personal Brand. It arrived with you the day you were born and it has been shaped into who Golden blockyou are today. You may like the brand you currently have or you may wish to throw it in the trash and start over. Sometimes it’s a matter of stepping out of your comfort zone and altering your level of conformity. This presentation could be titled, “If I gave you three wishes to change some things about yourself, for what would you wish?” This presentation includes topics like change is a choice, first impressions, body language and creating beliefs that support you. Allow a minimum of two 90-minute sessions for this presentation delivered in a semi-workshop style. A full day also works well. Come prepared to participate.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life –   How we feel and how we think has an effect on our success and our well-being. It can even show up in our appearance.  Does what we wear say anything about us? If clothes don’t make a difference,Structure why bother to colour match or check the store racks for the right size? This presentation addresses fashion, colour, hair, jewelry, function, message, individual persona and personal preferences versus (relevant) attitudes. What if you could change your wardrobe, change your lifestyle?  Allow one to two 90-minute sessions for this interactive presentation.

Change as a Choice – Embrace change. Allow it to be empowering. Whether the change you seek is an event, a goal to achieve by way of a WinnerÃ?¢Ã??Ã??s Mindsetproject undertaken or a process/ritual that is self-initiated to promote change, Change as a Choice covers topics such as being your own best project manager for change and dealing with change as something ongoing, not fixed. Learn about celebrating the “before” and the “after” regarding your change. Learn about personal acceptance and a system for challenging change with a winning attitude. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this presentation.

When Change is Not a Choice – Uninvited change may not only be unwelcome but it may also come with pain, anxiety, depression and a multitude of ailments ordirection-255294_1280 difficulties with relationships. Honour yesterday. Invite joy into your tomorrows. Participants are asked to explore the gift delivered by the change and the role that gratitude plays. This workshop is tailored for each individual group and becomes based on the event that initiated the change. That change might have been losing a job or that change might have been something other than loss. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this workshop. Come prepared for personal introspection.

Remembering Better and Other Tools to Exercise Your Brain – Are your Memory Banks Full? – Donna Dahl is a trained Farrow Memory Strong brainSpeaker. Dave Farrow is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s best memory. Donna brings proven techniques for improving one’s memory and she helps her audiences practice these techniques within the workshop itself. Donna is often asked if this workshop is for persons with Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. The answer is no, but it would make a suitable event as a fundraiser. This workshop is for persons who want to learn about memory and sharpen their skills when it comes to remembering. Who is a good candidate for this activity? High school, college and university students, adults in any walk of life, seniors who want to keep their minds active, home-schoolers and educators who want to support remembering strategies with those whom they been entrusted to teach…to name some.

Presentations for WRITER’S GROUPS:

Confessions of a Self-Published Author in the Digital Age – This presentation offers an overview of the steps involved in becoming a self-home-office-336377_1280published author. Topics include the present and future of publishing, tips for dealing with manuscripts, tips for marketing and tips for shameless self-promotion. As the CEO of your own publishing house, you are going to need a large hat rack to support all the hats you are going to be wearing as you take your manuscript from words on a page to public accessibility. Bring your favourite hat and let’s get started. Up to eight 90-minutes sessions for this workshop-style presentation are available. The number of sessions depends on the depth of the instruction required. Self-publishers and prospective self-publishers are invited to submit questions in advance of the presentation.

Expanding Your Footprint on the Internet – One of the biggest problems with developing a professional presence on footthe internet is expanding your reach to create a bigger footprint and establish a bigger audience. Some of the social media sites make the process reasonably simple but when it comes to marketing your business endeavors, your books or your services, time spent on the internet changes from connecting with friends and family to building trust and developing fans. This workshop offers basic strategies for building your Google presence with consistency and with purpose. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this workshop and up to a full day.

finger-769300_1280Everything I Learned About Selling Books, I Learned from Being in Business – Authors are in a special class of Entrepreneurs. Every book needs its own unique identity. It offers a unique value proposition for the reader. Just as every book has its own unique cover and interior design, every book is a unique business and every book needs its own separate business plan. Every book release needs a short-term marketing plan to address events like launches, and a long-term marketing plan for the life of the book. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this workshop and up to a full day.

How is a Book Signing like a Trade Show Exhibit? – It takes mere seconds for a visitor to size up your exhibitscreens-457713_1280 at a trade show. A book signing is no different. What are you going to do to capture attention? What problem do you solve for the reader? Who is your target audience? What will your audience want to know about your book? What will you tell them? This workshop takes you through some of the nitty gritty basics for presenting your book to the public. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for a bare-bones session.

Tweeting for Twitter Beginners – This presentation is offered as either a hands-on workshop or a seminar. Topics twitter-117595_1280include pros and cons of being on Twitter, using Twitter as a marketing device, using Twitter as a search engine and learning the basics of how to tweet. Some Twitter pros have admitted this workshop adds to their repertoire of Twitter skills and knowledge. Some who had been strangers to Twitter reported feeling comfortable enough to get in the game. Allow a minimum of two 90-minutes sessions for this presentation as a workshop.

There is no Age Limit on Making Social Media Work for You – There is no age limit on writing. What do you mean you are too old to get on social media? There have People Connecting With People World Widebeen students in my classes who are in their nineties. This session is about taking stock of your social media presence and making a plan for targeting and expanding your connections on the web. Topics include building your internet profile on sites such as LinkedIn, locating resources for exploration to support you after the class and examining the kind of content that would support your social media platform. A minimum of 90 minutes is recommended.

Greasing the Wheels of your Blog – A blog is just a blog until it’s a machine with wheels to draw traffic to your “stuff.” blogging-428955_1280Machines deserve to be oiled and polished. Blog oil and blog polish take many forms. Without it, the blog is not likely to receive the attention it deserves. Topics in this presentation include making search engine optimization for blog-writing as user-friendly as possible, sticking to your brand and expanding its reach to attract a bigger audience. Allow a minimum of 90 minutes for this presentation when offered as a seminar and longer as a workshop.

Writing With Your Ears – Sometimes you just can’t tell if a sentence is working for you until you hear it with your own ears. When the fog index begins to blur your woman on headset - empowerment speakingwriting, it’s time to shorten sentences. This presentation is delivered workshop style and focuses on empowering your aural sense to employ it as a support for writing. With audio books becoming increasingly more popular, the attention you pay to the delivery of your manuscript with your voice could have your “readers” raving about your writing and asking for more. This presentation requires a minimum of 90 minutes. Participants are asked to bring a work sample or two with several paragraphs 100 to 150 words in length.