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Making Yourself Memorable

remind-1556610_1920How is it that we come to remember some things better than other things? Think about the strategy you use to memorize the words to a song or to remember the five items you were going to buy at the grocery store on your way home without making a written list. My favourite strategy is to say things over and over out loud. If I say the words over and over again in the same order, I will eventually remember the words. I might have to work at it. Some things take longer than others. It’s the same strategy I used to learn the words to the John McCrae poem, “In Flanders Fields.” I am reminded of the words to the poem every November 11thRemembrance Day. I remember most of the words to this day.

How do you make yourself memorable? How do you help those you meet to remember who you are and what you do? Is there something you could say that could play like an earworm in their brain to help keep you top of mind?

Remember that string on the finger thing that was supposed to help you remember to buy the loaf of bread on the way home? That’s what I am thinking of except I want you to think of the string on the finger in reverse.

What if you meet a man and he says his name is John, you may or may not remember him. After all, you may meet a lot of men named John. He introduces himself by telling you he is no ordinary John. He says his name is spelled with no H and two Ns. Are you more likely to remember him because of what he told you about the spelling of this name than you would if he didn’t tell you any story at all?

Making yourself memorable by having a memorable story is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Pointing out something that stands out about your company, or your unique selling proposition, or that figuratively and literally leaves a sticky note on the mind of the person you are meeting could make you the “go-to” person who lands the contract.


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