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Leadership Summit for Entrepreneurs

20181024_142247-1Donna Dahl, Empowerment Coach and Author, was invited to speak at the CIBN Leadership Summit for entrepreneurs on October 24. This event featured a number of Calgary speakers and panel discussions on the subject of leadership when it comes to being in business. Kerry George, CIBN CEO, proudly stated that the entire program is 100% Canadian and that despite thousands of businesses closing their doors in Calgary in 2017, all CIBN members are still active.
Donna’s Topic: Empowering the Leader within You: The 7 Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur
Some of the topics she covered included:
  • what makes the difference between everyday entrepreneurs and one who stands out
  • if having a brand matters
  • what it takes to build your platform
The event was well attended. The overall program was rich in content, engaging and provided lots of opportunities to rub shoulders with the speakers. Look for information for next year’s summit in the fall of 2019.


A Special Thank You to my Fans and Supporters

A special thank you to everyone who was in attendance at the Arrow Comedy Training (ACT) ALUMNI Show  Sept 10 at the Comedy Cave. The entertainment for the evening was provided by comics in training who have taken the stage previously – including me. The event was hosted by Flo Lye, owner of ACT, and Derek Wilkins, Chief trainer for Arrow Comedy Training.  Reports indicate a laughing good time was had by all. Here is one testimonial I am pleased to post.

“Donna Dahl continues to amaze me with her diversity. My wife and I visited a comedy club recently to support a comedy training program and witnessed Donna performing a comedy routine. Normally, we would not spend our money or time listening to swearing and vulgarity but Donna did something different that we would commend her on. Her routine was swear-free and vulgar-free. Quite refreshing actually. Donna was able to use her intellect to craft jokes that would be suitable for everyone to enjoy. Not only were her jokes funny, they were free from self-deprecation. Donna is someone who continues to raise the bar for all things that matter.”

Richard Patterson, President and Ceo, PAIRSGolf

Donna’s “Second Debut” as a Comic

 donna-comedy-blurredArrow Comedy Training Alumni event,  “Once is Not Enough”, held Sept.10, 2108, at the Comedy Cave in Calgary, was a night filled with laughter. The near-full-house audience was treated to original material written by ten alumni comics who took the stage including Donna Dahl. Feedback for Donna regarding the event has been in the platinum zone of positive.
Donna’s first appearance as a stand up comic took place in May of 2017 with charity funds going to PMAST. Keep watching for more comedy events in the future.


Once is Not Enough: Comedy Night


Donna Dahl will be performing standup comedy the evening of September 10, 2018 at the Comedy Cave in Calgary. She will be joining other standup comedy alumni on stage hosted by Arrow Comedy Training. Tickets are available through Donna. Contact her here for further information.

This will be Donna’s second performance at the microphone. Her last appearance was in May of 2017 and was a roaring success. Her instant fans begged for more which encouraged Donna to continue training with Derek Wilkins, the lead trainer for Arrow Comedy Training.

5 Important Benefits You Should be Getting From Your Coaching Experience

Donna Dahl’s guest blog at the Business Edge Magazine Online:


Top-line executives report …read more here  

Expanding the Boundaries of Your Voice

EBC’s Catherine Saykaly-Stevens interviewed Donna Dahl on the launch of her new coaching program.

Get your free eBook here:

I often meet people who tell me that they started writing a book way back when but gave up somewhere along the way. What if you could finish that book? What would that mean to you?


Donna Dahl
 appeared as a member of the Women of Inspiration panel at the International Women’s Day Celebration hosted by the Canadian Business Chicks on March 8, 2017, at the Petroleum Club in Calgary, Alberta.


Donna Dahl Awarded 2016 Woman of Inspiration

Women Of Inspiration 2016

Women Of Inspiration 2016

Donna Dahl won the 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The awards for the Woman of Inspiration Breakfast event were held October 1, 2016. Talk about being humbled and excited all at the same time. Donna considers this a huge honour to be recognized by her peers in this way.

A big thank you to each and everyone who participated in the nomination process on behalf of Donna.

Capture the Unique Essence of You and Capitalize on Your Potential. Dream. Dare. Do. Girl holding umbrella with splashes of colour raining down

Capture the Unique Essence of You and Capitalize on Your Potential. Dream. Dare. Do.

PAINT Your Own Umbrella – the Event, is Under Construction

PAINT Your Own Umbrella, the event, is back by popular request. The next PAINT event will be announced. Contact Donna for more information.

This year’s event theme is Showing Up Empowered. Appearing at the event will be …follow this space for updates. The next Paint Your Own Umbrella – the Event – is sure to please.

A park bench facing the sky.

Expanding the boundaries of your voice

Expanding the Boundaries of Your Voice

“Expanding the Boundaries of Your Voice” is the topic of the 2-hour presentation Donna will be delivering on November 22nd, 2016, for the  Calgary Association of Life Long Learners. This presentation will focus on empowering members of the audience to claim the power and authority within them and consider putting pen to paper or voice to create an audio version. We can only guess what Sir John A. MacDonald might have sounded like when he delivered his speech in Kingston – the speech that helped to get him elected. Fortunately, his speech was written and retained for the public record. Let our history from our perspective remain alive for years to come.


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