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Paint Your Own Umbrella – The Event

Umbrella seminar

Paint Your Own Umbrella

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YOUR READINESS to meet the challenges of transition and change as a leader SETS YOU APART…

…as a learner, as a change engineer, as a contributor within your organization and as a participant in your community at large.

Are you that person? Are you READY?

 Capture the Unique  Potential of You Through


Come for the networking.  Come for the prizes. Come for the fun. Learn

  • Practical ways to take care of your mind, body & spirit,
  • How to empower your voice and
  • How to show up feeling empowered
Teresa de Grosbois, 4X bestselling author of Mass Influence – the Habits of the Highly Influential

Teresa de Grosbois, 4X bestselling author of Mass Influence – the Habits of the Highly
Influential. This book hit #1 international best seller status in Europe and North America within hours of launching. As the Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international organization of influential speakers.

Previously planned event was to include the following:

Empower Your Hidden Influence

with Teresa de Grosbois

Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker sought by entrepreneurs and organizers wanting to master business word of mouth that turns epidemic. Specializing in the topic of influence, Teresa has a proven track record in creating word of mouth epidemics.

Teresa will show you how to successfully step into your dreams to make a big impact in your community, your organization and the world! In this advanced workshop you will master:

…The top habits top influencers have mastered to forward their reputation and brand

…The 3 critical steps you must take to successful connect with high level influencers at your next level

…A key strategy to rapidly grow your influence and success

…The 2 worst mistakes you can make when landing a lunch with someone of influence you have wanted to connect with for years…and much more.


Suzanne Miles Book, Fork It

Fork It: Keys To Amazing Health with Suzanne Miles

Fork It: Keys To Amazing Health, Suzanne’s first book, is intended to inspire, motivate, and inform the reader about how the positive choices you make with food have a beneficial impact on your health and longevity.

Come along with Suzanne as she gives you inspiration and knowledge and shares practical, personal experiences that you can take with you to enjoy amazing health and reach your goals and dreams for a higher quality of life.

Sugar Switch book coverAdditional Speakers taking the stage at PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA include… Diamond Fernendes of the Heartfit Clinic, Rachel Brodsky who is the National Canadian Miss Teen 2016, and Cathy Ormon, Author of The Sugar Switch .

Lora Pesant“Laugh Your Way to Liberation” with Lora Pesant. Laughter Yoga is a simple yet powerful form of exercise with scientifically proven health benefits. Studies have shown that laughter can help relationships, lower stress levels, decrease pain and strengthen your immune system. Whether laughter is spontaneous or deliberate, the benefits are the same and can help you feel awesome. Check your adult brain at the door, choose to laugh wholeheartedly, and unleash your joyful soul!

Event Sponsors

 Paint Your Own Umbrella is pleased to showcase Event Sponsors.

Special Guest Presentation by Avalon Hair Salon and Spa      

revealing secrets on choosing a hairstyle that enhances your image…and more

.Avalon Salon and Spa

Avalon Hair Salon and Spa is the Award Winning Team Designer For
Miss Grey Cup         Miss Teen Calgary         Falconer Models      Miss Stampeder           Miss Canada         Miss World  Stampede Queen                Miss First Lady              Miss/Mrs Calgary               Woman of Inspiration – Lifetime Achievement

Pic by Sid logo

All attendees will receive a $166 gift certificate with the most experienced photographer in the city of Calgary, Sid Helischauer of Dynamic Images, courtesy of Donna Dahl 

Someone will win a PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA PAMPER PACKAGE which includes 

Untitled-1                A laser teeth whitening session valued at $550.00 courtesy of Solo, The Dental Hygiene Spa

Bano eeMee LogoBano eeMee is donating a garment valued at $500 to help raise funds for HomeFront.

Be a contributor to the fundraising raffle or to the Pamper Package and add your gift here.

  If you are interested in being a sponsor or a contributor for this event, contact Donna.

Some Sponsors may qualify for a coaching program with Donna in two ways: either individually for team members or for the entire team. Why do businesses, organizations, corporations and entrepreneurs work with an empowerment coach like Donna Dahl?  Donna directs her experience to coaching executives, decision-makers, persons in career transitions and those entering the world of business toward expanding their personal empowerment. Her programs help set goals, define directions, offer skills training and build confidence.

Here are the top seven reasons leaders, managers, decision makers and

executives choose to work with Donna as their coach:

    • Address something eventful, urgent, compelling or exciting like a challenge
    • Fill the gap that exists between knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
    • Accelerate or decelerate results depending on your needs
    • Develop clarity and eliminate the lack of direction in problem-solving and decisions-making
    • Examine patterns for making progress when success or the lack of it has started to become problematic
    • Make a work/life balance shift
    • Identify Core strengths and discover how to leverage them

Paint Your Own Umbrella is a one-of-a-kind seminar on personal empowerment.  

You are invited to join Donna Dahl for a unique experience designed to

 Expand your awareness of how you manifest your presence
 Allow your discoveries to empower you to get more of what you want
 Motivate you to show up empowered on purpose and by design

As an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach and author, Donna’s PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA seminar delivers a wake-up call to the possibility that there could be something more. There are always two choices: keep everything the way it is or explore possibilities for change. She invites you to challenge your inner self, to think outside your limitations, and to develop an action plan to let your personal empowerment show up.

PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA is designed specifically for persons in positions of leadership, persons becoming leaders, persons in transition, and persons who are seeking change – be that a change of job, a change of mind or a change of heart.

“The outcomes you experience are a direct result of the beliefs you have about what’s possible” ~ Paul Hoffman

What is Personal Empowerment?

Everyone has personal empowerment. Your empowerment began the day you were born. Your personal empowerment extends from your smile to how you walk. Everyone has a personal brand that arises from how you show up. The question is, “Is the brand you currently carry the one that you want to reveal?” Personal Branding is about creating the harmony aligning the personally empowered persona of you on the outside with the empowered persona of you on the inside in all sectors of your life. Personal Branding is about intentionally influencing how others experience your presence. Tom Peters, in his book “Fast Company,” wrote, “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding.” PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA gives you the opportunity to explore these concepts and learn what empowers you.

About Donna Dahl

full length donna

Donna Dahl is one of Canada’s leading empowerment coaches. She is an accomplished author, and a professional speaker and she won the 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement. She has also been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

She is the Creator of PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA Seminars. She holds a Masters in Educational Psychology and has owned and managed several successful businesses for over 20 years. She is pleased to share her experience and her knowledge through her books, her seminars and her workshops. Her audiences warmly sing her praises.

 Some Rave Reviews from the last PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA Event

PAINT your own umbrella was a wonderful day of enlightenment for me and my
wife.  Donna brought forward practical antidotes that I have used both in
my business and my personal life.  This is a must make day for personal and business growth for all of us.  Thank you Donna…much appreciated.
Richard Patterson, CEO PAIRSGolf

“…having an amazing way of keeping the audience present and provides great value. I have also seen Donna in action and truly she is one who deeply connects to others and sees their potential. I highly recommend her.”
Ariana Brackenbury, Awakening Yoda


“PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA is a really great presentation. Everyone should try it.”
Joy Neish
I am an active member of POC (Professional Organizers of Canada). We have monthly chapter meetings and invite motivational speakers. Donna Dahl, a marketing strategist, spoke to our group and left a lasting impression on me. Donna said “If you are organizers, you must walk the talk. You can say you are organizers but if your desk is a mess, your car is a mess, or you are a mess, how much credibility do you have?”

This nugget of information kept filtering back through my mind. I took a keen assessment of my desk. Did the same with my car. Then I looked in my purse knowing the only person that would ever know what is inside this purse is me. I thought – this is where I am going to get honest with myself!

I simply said “I am an organizer. I took action. I walk the talk! Thank you, Donna, for helping me become a better person.”
Lois Duke

PAINT YOUR OWN UMBRELLA 2016 proudly supports the Veteran’s Food Bank. Donations of dry and canned food goods will be gratefully accepted at the door. Your contributions make a difference.

Books by Donna*

Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise
Tradeshows: Building Your Thirty-Second Business

Trade Shows: Marketing Your Business in Less than 30 Seconds
Demystifying Marketing: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Customer

Co-author in The Change, the internationally renowned series

*Her books will be available for sale at the event.

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