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Coaching Services

Coaching Services: the Personal Touch with Donna Dahl

Personal Development Coaching with Donna Dahl is about tailoring the sessions to meet your needs. After all, coaching should be a personalized experience, shouldn’t it?

Donna Dahl’s decade-long history as a professional coach began with the release of her first book.

Since then she has released four books. Each book has elements of personal development coaching in it. Her book, “Lessons I learned from the Tortoise,” stimulates the reader to ponder answers to questions that may yield considerable shifts in thinking.

While Donna is a a life-long learner and a student of the human condition, her credentials demonstrate her commitment to being at the top of her game. Donna holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. She is trained as both a conflict resolution mediator and a Farrow Memory Speaker and she is certified as a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Donna has international experience as a bricks-and-mortar business woman and journalist/newspaper editor. She has also been an online columnist for several publications in both print and digital formats. In addition, she is self-taught in a number of areas of digital design, has trained numerous clients effectively in support of their social media presence on the web and her marketing book has been employed as a college-level text for training professionals in how to market themselves as professionals in private practice. Donna is a lifetime member of CEO Space, a professional international organization of entrepreneurs, and has received training at the advanced MBA level.

Donna is comfortable working with clients from many walks of life. Her specialty is her ability to tailor her coaching to meet the individual needs of her clients. With Donna, you get coaching with the personal touch.

How Long Have you Been Looking for a Coach who Really Listens?

How long have you been looking for a coach:

  •  who offers a program based on your unique skills and resources?
  • who has a proven track record of success with clients across a diverse population?
  •  who is committed to your progress?

Now that you have had a chance to learn about me I would like to learn more about you. If you are serious about the possibility of employing me as your personal development coach, become a member today, and then sign up for a free coaching interview.

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Benefits & Features of Coaching With Donna

  • You choose the focus of your coaching.
  • You set the speed that you work at your goals.
  • You set the time you want to invest in your achieving your goals.
  • You set the frequency of your personal development coaching sessions.

Are you Avoiding Tough Decisions?

Decisions that are being avoided are never likely to become life preservers for your endeavours. Donna Dahl is passionate about working with her clients to support their journey. She specializes in providing training and consultation to highly motivated clients who are eager to get to work. Her intense Stuck to Start™ approach to personal development coaching is geared to those who really do want to “make hay while the sun shines.”

Flexible Delivery Systems

Donna offers flexibility in the frequency of the coaching sessions. Coaching clients may choose between weekly appointments, twice weekly appointments or appointments that are held every two weeks.

Donna offers you the flexibility you need to get the most out of your coaching experience. While most clients prefer weekly sessions, some prefer to work more quickly and some prefer to work more slowly. Choose between the regular once per week session or the accelerated coaching with appointments twice per week. Extended coaching is also available with appointments held every two weeks.


Donna is a catalyst for success. After one short lunch with her, I opened my blinders and stopped accepting the “small thinking” that had held me back since a setback I had with my company 3 years ago.

Her system of Stuck to Start™ really works and after one meeting with her, my entire approach to my business changed. I stopped thinking like a self employed person trying to grow my business on a small scale and instead returned to my roots of being a CEO and entrepreneur with an idea and a company that can truly change the quality of communication on a global level.

Thanks, Donna. It is a privilege to call you a colleague!

Mark Millar

Canadian Burger, Head of Operations at Love Your Pets