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Lessons I learned from the Tortoise Reviews

Every once in a while we come across a speech or show or movie or a book that allows us to wonder off somewhere else. This somewhere else might not be the same place as others go perhaps, but nonetheless it can offer a similar result. For me, reading “Lessons I learned from the Tortoise” allowed me to wonder and expand upon an idea that I have been working on for over 10 years, which I hadn’t thought about for quite some time. These wonder times as I call them are precious for me and yes…I am probably a stereotype or type cast for Donna’s tale as are many of you. The inspiration from Donna Dahl’s interpretation of a Hare versus Turtle tale is without a doubt one of the inspirational books I will continue to read over and over again. Each time I read Donna’s book I will endeavor to wonder off to that special place which allows me to grow and figure out my own tale. If the books you are reading do not allow you to wonder…try reading this book.

Richard Patterson, President, PAIRSGolf

Careful, thoughtful, integrative into the everyday. I perused through this book quickly, and then came back to focus on every word. I found that Donna Dahl’s book was careful, extremely so, in making sure she didn’t leave out the essentials and understandings of everyday life and its many situations and challenges. I’m learning to choose and change my pace (tortoise some days the hare) with each project and this book helps me take a hard look at those choices and how I want to execute them. I especially liked Chapter 15, about taking on what you can handle. While I run through my projects, I am starting to see the connection of what she is saying, almost like giving permission to question and reconstruct if required. It is a good little book and a reminder for me when I need it. I have a few of these types of books and they are my go-to when I or someone I care about struggles. I would have loved to have read more examples of how people overcame their situations as a hare or tortoise but maybe that will come in a second edition? Overall, it will pick your brain and give you some stuff to think about.

Donna Gray

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This Book is a Gift!

A thought provoking, generous, gem of a book that had me smiling throughout.
This book is a gift and a delightful way to spend an afternoon. I hope Donna Dahl will write more of them.
3000 Books and Counting


Inspirational. Very direct and relevant for these economic times!

John McDonald

I found myself in each character, and with the examples you’ve presented, I can look inward without placing judgement.
Your always gentle in your approach and very Inspiring.

Lindy Eastman

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